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Re: Bypass large files with filter

2006-02-02 11:41:41
At 09:49 2006-02-02 +0100, Michelle Konzack did say:
      Btw. what is -big- message in your system?  In 1994 I set the
      limits in to be 20Mb and nobody complains (yet)

But RFC (??? 822) suggests 4 MByte.

You aught to check the date on 822.  4MB was a significant chunk of HD real 
estate at the time (for instance, an IBM PC Hard drive was only 10MB in 
size, and would set you back about US$5K - for the drive alone), and "high 
speed" was 4800 baud.  MANY network hosts were interconnected by dedicated 
modem (I remember many trailblazers (using "PEP") and USR HST setups over 
the years).  The origins of MX priority values (and of email priorities) 
were in the relative costs of using certain interconnects.

(My first 14,400 HST modem retailed at over US$1,200, and that was well 
after RFC822.  Cripe, I still have FIVE Courier v.Everything modems, two of 
them still new in box - last time I had to use a modem was about a year ago 
to deal with a downed digital line.)

RFC822 has been superceeded by 2822 anyway.

If you want to feel old, take a gander at RFC 985, which postdates 822 by 
about four years, and still describes archaic networking standards.

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