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Re: Bypass large files with filter

2006-02-03 01:24:38
On 02 Feb 2006, at 20:28 , Professional Software Engineering wrote:
At 20:15 2006-02-02 -0700, Google Kreme wrote:
On 02 Feb 2006, at 01:49 , Michelle Konzack wrote:
Hello Udi,

Am 2006-01-30 23:11:52, schrieb Udi Mottelo:

     Btw. what is -big- message in your system?  In 1994 I set the
     limits in to be 20Mb and nobody complains (yet)

But RFC (??? 822) suggests 4 MByte.

While $MB is reasonable, I've had to increase it to 12MB.  It's
simply too hard to try to educate users that sending a "small" 10mb
file via email is a bad thing).

Bouncing it every time seems like a good instructional tool.

I used to think so, but then I noticed that people sending these  
files had no idea what the size was.  And couldn't be educated.   
They'd just get mad, and since I am managing the network for a  
building, not for a company, it's not like I dictate their IT  
policy.  Sure, i will give them webDAV access to their websapce, but  
webDAV is a long way beyond most users skill set, even though it  
looks easier to me than putting 400K of graphics and dancing smilie- 
faces into a 14 word email...   I mean, I wouldn't even know where to  
start to bastardize and email like that, yet they seem to do it  

12MB just means I get less whining to deal with.

I abhor large file attachments - though they generally come from  
people I
don't want attachments from anyway.  Some nifty video?  Put it on a  
file sharing network or just email the damn URL you found it at in the
first place -- either way would be far more efficient use of bandwidth
(esp. if I'm not interested in the file to begin with <g>).

Oh, I agree.  Anything over 1MB on my personal spool tends to get me  
irate, but then most of those are from family members.

Hard to LART Mom :)

"I know she's in there," said Verence, holding his crown in his hands  
in the famous Ai-Señor-Mexican-Bandits-Have-Raided-Our-Village position

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