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Re: [META] Threading [Was: Bypass large files with filter]

2006-02-08 23:29:10
On 07 Feb 2006, at 23:41 , Professional Software Engineering wrote:
At 00:08 2006-02-08 -0600, Gerald V. Livingston II did say:
On Tue, 07 Feb 2006 21:31:50 -0800 (PST) Ian Zimmerman
<nobrowser(_at_)gmail(_dot_)com> wrote:

For some reason, Professional's (aka Sean's) posts consistently  
wrong (if B is a followup to A and Professional's post is a  
followup to
B, it appears as a followup to A instead).  Another Eudora bug?

Very curious.  I just checked my most recent reply (prior to this  
which was in  the "copy of all mails to one user" thread, and the
In-Reply-To: is correct there as well.

FWIW, Eudora includes thread references, but isn't itself a  
threaded MUA:
message tracking within the app is by subject in a simple linear  
mailbox view.

I think Eudora threads using the Subject and the References headers,  
not the IRT, but as I recall part of the issue is the time-stamping.   
It is putting Sean's posts first because it thinks Sean's posts are  
earlier based on him being way over in the Pacific time zone and  
Eudora has been piss-poor about accounting for time zones for going  
on a decade now.

Sean's posts seem to thread correctly in (well, as correctly  
as anyone else's at least).

Everything threads properly in Thunderbird, of course, which makes it  
really annoying when someone replies to a post, then changes the  
subject and start a new thread.

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