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Rule not being honored. Why?

2009-02-09 10:14:27
I edited my procmail rules file on friday to add a new rule.  I see on
monday it was not honored.  The new rule is simply to send email
messages from two servers with specific subject lines to a separate
### Send v6 netbackup summaries to a separate folder.
* ^From:(_dot_)root(_at_)rudun-nbmaster002(_dot_)cc1(_dot_)rush(_dot_)edu
* ^Subject:.L700 NetBackup

* ^From:(_dot_)root(_at_)rudun-nbmaster001(_dot_)cc1(_dot_)rush(_dot_)edu
* ^Subject:.L700 NetBackup

I used as a stencil the rule above it which is working fine:
* ^Subject:.NetBackup backup started

Here is an entry in my procmail logfile showing an incoming message that
should have been caught by this rule:
From root(_at_)rudun-nbmaster002(_dot_)cc1(_dot_)rush(_dot_)edu Sun Feb  8 
08:00:09 2009
 Subject: L700 NetBackup backup status
Folder: /var/mail/cbarnard                                        40062
procmail: Assigning"INCLUDERC=/opt/home/cbarnard/.procmail/rc.maillists"
procmail: Assigning "VERBOSE=off"
procmail: Extraneous locallockfile ignored
procmail: Skipped "* 
procmail: Skipped "* ^Subject:.L700 NetBackup"
procmail: Skipped "/opt/home/cbarnard/backups"

So I must have something in the rule that decodes to "skip me" but I do
not see what...

Christopher Barnard
comment your code as if the maintainer will be a homicidal maniac who
knows where you live.

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