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RE: Rule not being honored. Why?

2009-02-10 12:10:23
At 09:06 2009-02-10 -0600, Christopher L. Barnard wrote:
Checking my mail the next morning it is still not being filtered
correctly.  The rule:

### Send v6 netbackup summaries to a separate folder.
* ^From:(_dot_)root(_at_)rudun-nbmaster002(_dot_)cc1(_dot_)rush(_dot_)edu
* ^Subject:.L700 NetBackup


Once set ON, it's ON until it is set OFF - it isn't a per-rule setting (though there have been times where I thought it'd be useful to have a flag...).

* ^From:(_dot_)root(_at_)rudun-nbmaster001(_dot_)cc1(_dot_)rush(_dot_)edu
* ^Subject:.L700 NetBackup
### :0:
###* ^From:(_dot_)root(_at_)rudun-nbmaster00(1|2)\.cc1\.rush\.edu
###* ^Subject:.L700 NetBackup

(I will replace those two with the commented out one once the dust
settles.  Thanks for the code snippet, Dallman.)

The logfile:

>From root(_at_)rudun-nbmaster002(_dot_)cc1(_dot_)rush(_dot_)edu Tue Feb 10 
08:00:08 2009

I trust THIS isn't what you're trying to match with:

* ^From:(_dot_)root(_at_)rudun-nbmaster001(_dot_)cc1(_dot_)rush(_dot_)edu

Because the condition you have is looking to match a From: header, not the Envelope -- the line you see above in the log doesn't have a colon in it.

procmail: No match on 
procmail: Assigning "VERBOSE=on"
procmail: No match on 

So, perhaps you need to show the From: header field of an actual message for us to evaluate?

You should follow the link in my .sig and check out the "sandbox" system I have. You do NOT need to wait until tomorrow to test your recipe - just take the saved email and pass it into a test rig for procmail.

 Sean B. Straw / Professional Software Engineering

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