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Re: Playing a .wav sound

2009-02-10 18:28:26

On 10-Feb-2009, at 15:01, Rem P Roberti wrote:

   |mplayer ~/Audio/notify.wav

Well, I would not think that a pipe was the way to go

* some conditions
* go here
{ PLAY=`mplayer /path/to/audio/file.wav` }

might work.

The main difference in result between yours and his is that
his will eat (destroy, lose) the message.  If he put a
c-flag on the recipe, though, it would have the same
result as yours.

Does the piped condition have to be contained in curly braces?  That's 
the question I'm having about syntax.  If I do use the piped condition, 
how to I include it within the recipe?


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