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Re: Another MIME test

1991-12-30 06:40:45
Excerpts from mail: 29-Dec-91 Re: Another MIME test Einar Stefferud(_at_)nma(_dot_)com (498)

Well, I can make sense of what I can read, but I sure don't like
paying to transfer 56k bytes that I cannot read. I do not wnat to do
this very often, to receive and read a 1k byte message! I can only
hope that this kind of use does not generally explode upon the world
at large without a transition period.

I ceratinly hope that your signature file will not become a regular
50k byte attachment!

Well this message is probably more typical -- I'm responding to it in normal Andrew fashion, so it will use rich text, but I'm not including my 50K signature file. So a better question is, are you reasonably happy with THIS message?

I suspect that "abuses" like my previous message (although since my previous message was a deliberate test, I guess I can't really call it an abuse) will become somewhat more common with the advent of MIME. I also suspect that as the available bandwidth for most people increases, it will gradually become less of an issue. That there will be problems of etiquette -- i.e. when is it appropriate to send such messages and to whom -- is inevitable. Frankly, I've been looking forward to the day when the technical hurdles are overcome and permit such problems to come about! -- Nathaniel

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