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Re: RFC-HDR care and feeding

1992-01-24 19:17:14
I'd very much like to be able to say that I've implemented RFC-HDRS. I have
not been able to largely because it is first and foremost something that
requires a different sort of header display. I don't have direct control
of this aspect of the display in the UA -- I operate more at the MTA level.

I do have control of the strings I generate in headers, and I do plan to
use RFC-HDRS there, if for not other reason than it gives me a way to
deal with 8 bit characters. But I've been holding off on this since I
cannot really test it without a display!

My point here is that while I do share the concern that others have voiced
about the lack of testing, at least in my case this is due less to a lack
of interest and more to a lack of any real way to actually implement
the necessary functionality. My plans do include UA work where I will be
able to implement RFC-HDRS, but I don't have the time to do all this
work just yet.


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