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Re: RFC-HDR care and feeding

1992-01-27 14:22:26
Did I hear that Marshall was working on a MIME-MH, or was I just

I have had "multi-media MH" in alpha for some time now.  It reflects the
current MIME draft.  It does not do RFC-HDR.  I have been waiting for
the documents to appear as RFCs before making a general announcement and
putting the code into beta.  I really don't want to release it earlier,
on the off-chance that the IESG or IAB might make some change.

This is certainly a happy day--four months ago, it didn't look like
there were going to be any openly available MIME implementations for
UNIX.  Now there are two, Nathaniel's and mine.


ps: I am still trying to find a alpha site which will run the software on a
NeXT.  If someone out there is running MH 6.7 on a NeXT and knows how to
look at pictures and sound on the NeXT, then they can drop me a private note
if they want to be an alpha tester.  (I use a Sun, so I know it works fine
on that...)

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