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Re: RFC-HDR care and feeding

1992-01-27 17:11:37
Excerpts from internet.ietf-822: 27-Jan-92 Re: RFC-HDR care and feeding Dave Crocker(_at_)mordor(_dot_)stan (216)

I believe I have been told of two ADDITIONAL versions that will be
easily/freely available (though not strictly in the public domain.)

Gosh. What will be left for commercial software developers...?

Well, I think they're playiing too, happily! I know of several commercial email products that are moving to support MIME. And at Uniforum last week, just for kicks I asked the salesmen in two booths that were selling mail products whether or not they supported MIME. One gave me the expected result ("What's MIME?") but the other hastened to assure me that it was already being implemented. -- Nathaniel

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