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Re: How we are planning to embed HTML in messages

1995-05-18 14:18:11

"Chris" == Chris Newman <chrisn+(_at_)CMU(_dot_)EDU> writes:
  Chris>  Ed Levinson <elevinso(_at_)accurate(_dot_)com> writes:
  Ed> introduces no *additional* complexity.

  Chris> The problem with the start parameter is you have to scan to
  Chris> the start item to decide if the bodypart is one that is
  Chris> understood.  If it isn't, you need to go back to the
  Chris> beginning and re-process in a more multipart/mixed fashion.

This is right on the money, but not unique to Ed's draft;
multipart/alternative exhibits the same unfortunate multi-pass
behavior, since the ordering is least preferred/most portable -> most
preferred/least portable.

But Ed; why not mandate that the start part be the first part? It
would greatly simplify handling.