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Re: comments on latest MIME drafts

1995-05-22 08:57:11
I've added IANA to the CC list for this topic since this is obviously
of interest to them.

If we want to establish permanent aliases, I think the right place
to put them is as charsets(_at_)iana(_dot_)ietf(_dot_)org and 

I had mind using something under or or something similar,
actually. The iana level under had not occurred to me. I think its a
good idea, but it seems to me that this is something for the IANA and/or the
IESG to decide.

This does lead to more coordination issues, of course, since the
(or or whatever) domain does not exist and will have to be created and
pointed at some system or other that IANA currently controls.

Getting some action going to select a domain, set it up, and point it at the
right places, is best done sooner rather than later. Filling in the proper
addresses in the docs and setting up the alias will be easy for IANA to do, but
only if the necessary infrastructure is already in place.

Harald, would it be possible for you to attend to the mechanics of getting all
this decided and set up?

But that is political baggage - we will have time to do this at the Full
Standard level, I think.

Yes, but always keep in mind that any RFC you issue is forever. I still get
questions from people that have only read RFC1341 and are unaware of RFC1521.
(Heck, for that matter I get questions about RFC822 issues from people that are
unaware of and have not read RFC1123!)