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Re: How we are planning to embed HTML in messages

1995-05-15 07:51:58
A (At) 15:59 15/05/95, Jacob Palme ecrivait (wrote):
Perhaps such a parameter should be added? I copied the output
produced by PINE, which has such a parameter. "name" in general
seems to be a parameter which could be on any kind of body part,
since any kind of body part can have a disk file as its source!

On the contrary (from the latest draft):

An additional parameter, "CONVERSIONS", was defined in RFC
1341 but has since been removed.  RFC 1341 also defined the
use of a "NAME" parameter which gave a suggested file name to
be used if the data were to be written to a file.  This has
been deprecated in anticipation of a separate Content-
Disposition header field, to be defined in a subsequent RFC.


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