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Re: How we are planning to embed HTML in messages

1995-05-15 12:54:55
- Content-Type: IMAGE/GIF; name="circle-in-square.gif" - the image/gif
  type does not have a name parameter, I believe.

Perhaps such a parameter should be added? I copied the output
produced by PINE, which has such a parameter. "name" in general
seems to be a parameter which could be on any kind of body part,
since any kind of body part can have a disk file as its source!
(Not important for me either way, just a question.)

No, it's been decided that there are no parameters which apply to all
content-types.  (As the number of content-types grows, this would lead
to conflicts).

The 'name' parameter should be replaced by the filename parameter of
the Content-Disposition body part header.