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Re: How we are planning to embed HTML in messages

1995-05-15 06:59:51
On Mon, 15 May 1995 Harald(_dot_)T(_dot_)Alvestrand(_at_)uninett(_dot_)no wrote:

this worries me a bit:

- I assume this is mockup, so the simplistic boundary generation
  algorithm will go away

Yes, of course!

- Content-Type: TEXT/HTML; Version=3.0 is not yet defined; excessive
  deployment in advance of definition is a recipe for trouble.
  text/x-html-3; version=3.0 (intended to be text/html;version=3.0 when 
  might be a better content-type.

Before we are ready with our system, Version 3.0 might be more stable?
Otherwise, we can as easily use 2.0, we will probably start with only
a subset of 2.0 anyway in the first version of our system.

- <IMG SRC="%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%" does not say how you intend to code
  intra-message references

We will use CID-s as proposed in Internet draft draft-levinson-cid-00.txt.

- Content-Type: IMAGE/GIF; name="circle-in-square.gif" - the image/gif
  type does not have a name parameter, I believe.

Perhaps such a parameter should be added? I copied the output
produced by PINE, which has such a parameter. "name" in general
seems to be a parameter which could be on any kind of body part,
since any kind of body part can have a disk file as its source!
(Not important for me either way, just a question.)

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