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Re: comments on latest MIME drafts

1995-05-23 13:05:24
the issue of and who controls it will probably be a topic at the next
IESG meeting.

Jon Postel suggested registering separately. On reflection I think
this is a good idea -- it makes sense for something as important as IANA to
have its own nice short independent domain name.

It seems that some people have been thinking politics at this "ownership"
issue, and that messes things up - as usual!

As usual...

Once we get this straightened out, delegating authority for the subdomain to ISI for the duration of the RFC editor role's
residence at ISI should be a piece of cake, and safely left to Jon and Joyce.

Having as a separate domain would avoid having to wait for to
get squared away. (We know who's in charge at IANA -- Jon and Joyce!)

(I know about the "forever" part - I moved from two years
ago, and when they deleted my forwarding after one year, I had to make them
reinstall it, just to keep up with the poor guys who used the addresses in the

I still get the occasional piece of mail that was originally sent to an
Oklahoma State University CSNet address I had back in 1984.


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