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Re: best name for followups?

1997-07-09 12:01:34
On 09 Jul 1997 16:53:22 -0000, you said:
Hmmm. I get the feeling that you think I'm talking about writing a spec.
I'm not. I'm talking about changing the behavior of real MUAs. The only
relevant people are MUA implementors.

I'm (somewhat) an MUA implementor (I guess.. I hack at exmh source a lot ;)
So yes, changing the behavior of the MUA is relevant to me.

On the other hand, if my wife has me upgrade her copy of Eudora Lite, and
it acts differently, that's certainly relevant to *HER*.

So - does anybody have a good "feel" for what the *USERS* want?  I admit
skimming the beginning of the discussion - is this something that is being
pondered by us implementors, or are there users saying "gee it would be nice if"
as well?
                                Valdis Kletnieks
                                Computer Systems Senior Engineer
                                Virginia Tech

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