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Getting 2822 to Draft

2004-01-01 21:26:40

So, for the new year I started thinking about getting 2822 to Draft. (Also, 3822 is coming up in the RFC numbers :-) ). I've gotten started on getting a new draft together. There are a small bunch of nits to fix; that I can handle. There's also an implementation report to write. On that I'd like to get some help.

The one possible big thing has to do with the ABNF in 2822. Out of either altruism or insanity, some time ago Bruce Lilly had written up changes to the ABNF in 2822 to do some cool things. On the plus side, it seems to get rid of all of the [C]FWS shift-reduce conflicts, and it is already done. On the minus side, I don't know anyone (myself included) who has gone over it with a fine tooth comb, it is a significant number of ABNF changes, and it therefore might recycle us at Proposed. I am open to suggestions on this.


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