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Re: Getting 2822 to Draft

2004-01-02 09:52:21

km> As a practical matter, nothing can really obsolete 822 as long as
km> people still need to read old mail messages.

I don't think this is a useful consideration, and it is perhaps even
harmful to the discussion at hand.  People (hey, I'm one of those
people) need to read old email in a variety of file formats, and that
includes some that are very like RFC-822.  It also includes many
formats which are widely different from RFC-822.  

Who cares?  

Software that used to understand RFC-822 will not suddenly stop
understanding it unless some implementer does something to make it so,
just as implementers already occasionally, silently do something which
isn't RFC-822 compliant.

In any event, people using RFC-822/2822-ish formats are an order of
magnitude less screwed than those whose archived email gets trapped
inside undocumented proprietary formats.  There are a heck of a lot
more of those people these days, though they don't tend to participate
in IETF discussions.
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