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Re: Getting 2822 to Draft

2004-01-02 08:20:11

I am one of those people that think that the X-Headers are useful since
software we produce uses them also one of those peopel that think MIME has
gone amuck.

I would oppose:

1. Any RFC that completely obsoletes RFC822
2. Any RFC that remove, obsoletes, etc. the X-Headers fields.

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Would 2822bis obsolete 822 fully?  If so, I believe it should mention
what happened to the X- header prefix that was part of 822.  I don't
believe simply removing them without stating why is a good idea,
people can draw many different conclusions from that, which affect
real implementations.

some people think X- headers are extremely useful, others think they
were a bad mistake that should be eradicated.  maybe we need a separate
RFC about X- fields.  I'd hate to see this argument block progression
of 2822 bis.