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Re: Getting 2822 to Draft

2004-01-02 13:53:53

Would 2822bis obsolete 822 fully?

2822 bis will not obsolete 822 in any event - 822 is still a full Standard, while 2822 bis would only be Draft Standard. As a practical matter, nothing can really obsolete 822 as long as people still need to read old mail messages.

Uh, no. If we can get 2822bis to full Standard (which is the desired intent), it should obsolete 822 in that it should contain all of the grammar to read old messages. That was the intent of section 4 of 2822.

yeah, I know. I'm sort of a purist though - I think if you really want to read 822 messages you should consult 822 as the definitive spec.

If so, I believe it should mention what happened to the X- header prefix that was part of 822.

I don't think anyone would have a problem with a small note in the "Changes to previous standards" section which says, "Some people think X-* fields are bad, some think they are good, they were removed from this document."

and for the time being 822 is still the definitive spec on X- fields.