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Re: MoreOn: Attempts at establishing harmful conventions

2004-11-30 17:52:10

I think we need to distinguish between human-level conventions and protocol elements. Any "harmfulness" in the former is not something that can be addressed technically.

Ok, human bad, protocol element good. That's quite clear. Pesky humans.

well, the human behavior is at least somewhat influenced by the interfaces they're using. improved interfaces might produce better behavior independently of any changes to protocol elements or how they are used.

Is [nameoflist] inserted by a list processor a human-level convention?

If a machine puts it there, I think it's reasonable for another machine to try to take it out. If we as an Internet community can make that easier, we will have done a good thing.

perhaps. but while we might accept an arms race ("complexity race"?) as a short-term necessity, it seems like there are better ways for lists to tag their contents and for MUAs to display information about list origin to recipients.

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