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Re: [ietf-dkim] Collection of use cases for SSP requirements

2006-11-13 10:48:14

On Nov 13, 2006, at 4:23 AM, Stephen Farrell wrote:

John Levine wrote:
      Mike, does this have anything to do with SSP or DKIM though?
No. Most of this is off-topic.
Just to be sure I understand correctly, is it on- or off-topic to
discuss usage scenarios for SSP?

(That's a reasonable-sounding, but basically misleading question,
to which I guess you most likely already know the answer,

The ssp-reqs document discusses use cases. Feel free to comment on
that text or propose new text for those sections of the document.

We should not feel free to endlessly debate SSP use cases on the
list, especially when there's already been so much repetition on
this topic.

The three I see mentioned are

  1. I sign all mail I send with DKIM.

  2. Someone else is sending mail with my domain in RFC822 From:

  3. I send no mail.

It'd be nice to see something fleshed out that shows the benefit
to sender or recipient in a real-world case in a little more detail,
along with a fuller analysis of the benefit SSP adds to the

Lastly, UI design issues are not particularly relevant for a
protocol where none of the current use cases have a warm body
attached. That was what I said was off-topic.

One of the most obvious useful uses for DKIM will be to combine DKIM
sender identity with a domain based whitelist in order to communicate
information about the message to the recipient.

Are you suggesting that this is off topic for discussion on this list?

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