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[ietf-dkim] Re: ISSUE: Better definition of "DKIM signing complete" required

2006-11-24 10:57:48
Michael Thomas wrote:

Can somebody explain to me what an "irregular" mailing list is?

A mailing list modifying mails in ways not covered by the relevant
RFCs (1123, 2821, and the List header field stuff).  From our POV
anything that doesn't fly with DKIM.
If SSP is just an information service, wouldn't it be better to
just describe what we do?

That won't help with mail somehow related to Cisco, where they've
obviously not done what they normally do (because it was sent on
completely different routes, somebody at home maybe), or apparently
not done it (some 'irregular' mailing list destroyed the signature).

Unless Cisco sends passwords or invoices by mail it's no problem,
they won't need any "I sign everything" policy.
wants this.

just give some non-normative guidance about which addresses might
be interesting. Note also: phrasing things this way avoids the 
tar pit of claims that we're "solving phishing", etc.

Avoiding that tar pit makes no sense, it's the most interesting
feature in DKIM (or rather in SSP) for many senders and receivers.
Without it DKIM is like an X-Face: header field without picture.


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