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Re: List of expected changes for sieve 05 draft - Forward

1998-11-11 09:42:59

I want to suggest to add a header to the original message on the action 

: Syntax:    forwadrd <address>
: ... . The "forward" action makes no changes to the message body or headers, 
: only modifies the envelope recipient.

I suggest this action also inserts the Resent-From: header. This header is 
in RFC 822:

+++ rfc 822 snippet +++
4.2 Forwarding

    Some  systems permit  mail recipients  to  forward  a  message, 
retaining  the  original  headers  by adding  some new fields. This 
standard  supports such  a service, through the "Resent-" prefix to 
field names.
+++ rfc 822 snippet +++

Some systems might reject to forward mail, since the MTA could see this as a 
from the original sender to some remote address. If the Resent-From: <original 
is inserted, this might be suppressed.

Furthermore, I also would like to see a copy-forward action: instead of 
forwarding, deliver
the message and send a copy to the specified address. We use this mechanism to 
send a a copy
to sopme system, which notifies the reciver on their mobile system. I do not 
see another way
how sieve could help me to solve this problem.

- Wilbert