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Re: List of expected changes for sieve 05 draft - Forward

1998-11-11 15:57:39
At 3:37 PM -0500 11/11/98, Tim Showalter wrote:

(BTW, I find it *much* more useful to use "envelopesender" than to use
the document header fields.  Suppose I'm subscribed to the IMAP, ACAP,
IMAPEXT, and MTA-FILTERS mailing lists, and someone posts something to
all of them.  With "envelopesender" I can sort the four copies into their
respective folders.  Without it, there's no way to do that.)

Not true.

if header ["to", "cc"] :contains ["ietf-mta-filters(_at_)imc(_dot_)org"] {
        fileinto "INBOX.mta-filters";
if header ["to", "cc"] :contains ["imap(_at_)cac(_dot_)washington(_dot_)edu"] {
        fileinto "INBOX.imap-list";

Or am I just completely missing something?

The message may have all four mailing lists in the address headers, in which case all four copies will be filed into the first folder, and none into the others. I had this problem with IETF announcements that were cc'd to the working group lists -- I ended up with two copies in one folder, and none in the other. I fixed this by looking at Sender and envelope sender.

Also, a message may have been bcc'd to the list. For example, here at work people often send mail to a large internal list, and in order to avoid inadvertent reply-to-alls, the list is actually bcc'd.