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Re: mostly open issues

1998-11-11 15:57:16
At 3:58 PM -0500 11/11/98, Tim Showalter wrote:

> 4.  Request: Short-circuit evaluation should be either MAY or MUST, and
>     must be discussed in case it matters in the future.

I've implemented them, but I suspect there may be implementation
environments where this is hard to support, and so I don't think we can
require it.

Really?  Could you provide an example?  I can think of only one, and I
think it's rather absurd.

No, I can't provide an example off-hand, but then I am not familiar with every environment in which someone might want to implement Sieve. Sure, C, AppleScript, and (I think) Perl can all provide this, but given that Sieve is likely to be implemented using whatever tools an existing mail server provides, I think we should be careful about the restrictions we impose.

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