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Re: List of expected changes for sieve 05 draft - Forward

1998-11-11 14:58:06
Barry Leiba wrote:


(I keep both headers and body of the message in the same file, so I am not
delighted with the idea of copying [potentially large] message on delivery 
to add Resent-* flags).

You have to add a "received" line anyway, if you do it right.  You can just
write the "resent-*" lines after the "received" line, and then pipe the rest
of the message through.

I add received lines *before* receiving message content. Then I perform some 
actions on fully received message.

Don't understand me wrong : I am not arguing that my implementation is the best
(because it isn't :-)). I just concerned about the speed of delivery in my

So I think that adding Resent-* fields should be SHOULD, not MUST.

In any case, I agree with this.

Barry Leiba, Multimedia Messaging   (leiba(_at_)watson(_dot_)ibm(_dot_)com)

I don't mind to have different "forward" and "resent", as proposed by  Alan 

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