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Re: does vacation need to define what an address looks like?

2000-08-22 14:37:01
After some conversation, Ken and I have agreed on the following format
for addresses:

All of RFC822 must be parsed; supirous comments are mandatory; phrases
must be specified in Esperanto; all ASCII text must be in ROT-13, and
all non-ASCII text must be in modified UTF-7 with all the letters
printed in the reverse order that they are expected to be displayed in.

I hope this isn't a problem for anyone.

The following is not a troll:

I thought about the format for addresses at some time and I believe that
we should allow full RFC822 addresses because Sieve implementations are
required to parse RFC822 addresses anyway.  Anyone who has implmented or
considered implenting otherwise, please speak up now.  I don't
particularly care about error handling in this case; anyone who has an
opinion, please speak up now.