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Re: does vacation need to define what an address looks like?

2000-08-28 19:38:12
   Cc: Ken Murchison <ken(_at_)oceana(_dot_)com>, 
   From: Tim Showalter <tjs(_at_)mirapoint(_dot_)com>
   Date: 28 Aug 2000 17:52:16 -0700

   > in the same mailstore.  In short, the concept of "local" is
   > meaningless to me.  The only concept that might have meaning is
   > "same domain as in RCPT TO being processed", but for a given
   > sieve script, that might have many different values.

   I'm not advocating MUST or SHOULD here.  It's got to be optional, and
   will clearly be useless for enlightened implementations that always use
   FQDNs.  Unfortunately there's an installed base that might find local
   addresses useful.

As a server implementor, I'd love to tell clients to not throw this
unqualified names at me.  I'd like to stick this work with the client
and I think the client is more than capable of doing this.  I'd rather
not guess what the client is going to do.

I'm not sure what functionality is added by the extension---clients
should be able to throw a domain on the RHS.