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Re: does vacation need to define what an address looks like?

2000-08-22 17:54:24

Tim Showalter wrote:

The following is not a troll:

I thought about the format for addresses at some time and I believe that
we should allow full RFC822 addresses because Sieve implementations are
required to parse RFC822 addresses anyway.  Anyone who has implmented or
considered implenting otherwise, please speak up now.  I don't
particularly care about error handling in this case; anyone who has an
opinion, please speak up now.

So are you saying that you want to allow the FULL RFC822 'address' which
includes 'group' and 'route', or the modified version that we talked
about earlier and I posted previously in this thread?  I ask because
when we visited this before IETF you explicitly didn't want to allow

I personally don't care either way, since all I have to do is just
change the start state in the cmu-sieve yacc grammar for addresses :)

What about local addresses like "tjs" or "ken"?  Is this going to be a

Are we going to use the same format for both vacation and redirect?

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