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Re: does vacation need to define what an address looks like?

2000-08-22 19:07:35
Ken Murchison <ken(_at_)oceana(_dot_)com> writes:

So are you saying that you want to allow the FULL RFC822 'address' which
includes 'group' and 'route', or the modified version that we talked
about earlier and I posted previously in this thread?  I ask because
when we visited this before IETF you explicitly didn't want to allow

Uh, let's forbid group and route, and limit it to a single address.  I
don't remember how to say it in RFC822.  I don't want a single string
containing multiple addresses.

We ignored groups for address (I think) and I believe that's the right
way to go here.

What about local addresses like "tjs" or "ken"?  Is this going to be a

It probably should be.  I will try and come up with wording real soon.

Are we going to use the same format for both vacation and redirect?

I've submitted the Sieve spec for last call; I suppose I can take this
as a comment on the draft, and fix the vacation draft to point to it.