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Re: Three new drafts and a question

2003-04-30 01:40:17

Kjetil Torgrim Homme writes:
[Ned Freed]:

   [Nigel Swinson]:

   > One other thing to say is complexity for guis.  If the intention
   > is to "replace header" and you have to do this via removeheader
   > and addheader, then it becomes much more difficult to "extract"
   > from the script.

good point. most GUI's will only need to understand their own Sieve code,


When a program is about to parse a sieve script, it cannot know whether that script was written by itself. Right? That's more or less a design decision. There's nothing like the postscript Creator field in sieve.

Because of that, a program cannot enable or disable its 'parse existing sieve script' command depending on who wrote the sieve script.

but it is important that the constructs we provide lend themselves easily to common idioms.

Agree wholeheartedly.