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refuse (was Re: Responses to ... editheader-00

2005-05-12 06:25:40

On 5/12/05 5:05 AM, Arnt Gulbrandsen sent forth electrons to convey:

Alexey Melnikov writes:

The text in -01 effectively says that "reject" should use the modified message. How is "refuse" different? If "refuse" uses an SMTP/LMTP response, than there is no message?



Or as I wrote on 5/9 in the latest revision of draft-ietf-sieve-refuse I sent Alexey:

Any action that would modify the message body will necessarily have no effect on the body of any message refused by "refuse" using the 550 SMTP response code.

Since it now defines reject too, perhaps draft-ietf-sieve-refuse is the wrong name... Let's go with draft-ietf-sieve-refuse-and-reject.