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Re: Comments on draft-ietf-sieve-3028bis-09 from Eric Rescorla

2006-11-12 17:49:17

Ned Freed writes:
> Received: field counting stops loops at some point but doesn't prevent
> a reasonable amount of
> autoforwaring to occur before loop detection kicks in.

Actually, I wasn't proposing to use Auto-Submitted for autoforwarding.

I didn't say you were. All I was saying is that Received: line counting is a
reasonable way to prevent loops in pure autoforwarding scenarios.

I'd say that Auto-Submitted should be used iff the message sent is a
new message, with a new message-id etc. If the sieve script reinjects
the received message (same subject, same header fields generally, same
bodies) IMO the existing Received fields should be preserved and one

Agreed, and IMO we should state this in the base specification's discussion
of redirect if it doesn't do so already.