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New Drafts being developed; invitation to join spf-discuss

2004-05-24 11:07:42

As tasked by the working group, Microsoft and the SPF community will
work together to produce a set of drafts describing the converged
proposals.  We will also write up some applicability statements and
describe use cases for a variety of constituencies.  We'll run these
documents by the working group for review.

On Friday, at Redmond, we agreed on a who-will-do-what work breakdown.

Jim Lyon will do most of the work on one of the drafts, with Meng in a
supporting role.

The SPF community will do most of the work on another of the drafts,
with Microsoft on backup vocals.  We will iterate a few versions of
the draft before final submission.

To avoid polluting this list with "working subcommittee" chatter, I
plan to circulate the working documents on the spf-discuss mailing list.

If you are interested in following the progress of the work the SPF
community is doing, I invite you to join spf-discuss.