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Re: I-D ACTION:draft-klensin-email-envelope-00.txt

2004-01-26 06:52:34

On Sunday, January 25, 2004, at 08:47  PM, william(_at_)elan(_dot_)net wrote:

And for designers, programmers, and quicker implementation its quite a bit better if new protocol and old one share certain components. For example
MIME encoding/decoding, etc.

Well, let's not rule out improvements to MIME in the process. The name MIME includes a lot of things, from the two-level content-type architecture to the quoted-printable and base64 transfer encodings. I'd certainly like to see us keep the former, but the latter can only be seen as warts for backward compatibility with SMTP/822. I wouldn't make it one of the major goals of email NG, but I certainly wouldn't mind seeing the new protocol eliminate the need for content-transfer-encodings.

Another comment: I strongly urge moving this discussion to the new mail-ng mailing list once it's up and running. The imaa and smtp mailing lists will make a lot more short-term progress if the longer-term discussions have their own venue. -- Nathaniel