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Re: I-D ACTION:draft-klensin-email-envelope-00.txt

2004-01-27 13:00:44

Hello Hector,

At 21:35 04/01/26 -0500, Hector Santos wrote:

What I did not get 100% clear about SPF, is whether it works from a central
authority (database) concept.  Its documentation seems to indicate both (a
central and your own).  The author should clarify this more.

Please tell him directly. I don't have any direct contacts.

In any case, in my research and testing of the various DNS lookup proposals,
the only "current" benefit I see from all the anti-spam DNS based lookup
proposals is checking spoofs against your own domains.

That's the initial benefit, as I mentioned.

If you begin to
check other domains, the DNS overhead skyrockets.   It was pointed out to me
by the DMP author that this is a function of your DNS setup. I am not too
sure about this. But I don't pretend to be an DNS expect.  All I know is
that looking up an unknown domain (which is what a majority of the spammers
are) yields a long initial lookup delay.

I'm no DNS expert either. But giving the spammers some delay may be a
nice side effect :-).

Regards,   Martin.