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Re: Submission and SMTP SRV records

2004-03-16 17:05:16

On 3/16/2004 5:27 PM, Pete Resnick wrote:

On 3/16/04 at 4:22 PM -0600, Eric A. Hall wrote:


Cool. Always good to read documents; I have to pay more attention. :-)
In there, you write:

b.  Extract the mail domain element from the user's email address, and
append the "_submission" and "_tcp" labels to the left of that domain

Have any of the big ISPs deployed the appropriate records to try this

Some mail client devs have looked over the algorithm and otherwise
contributed but none of them have implemented it in a shipping product.
None of the email providers are publishing the RR either. Not to my
knowledge, anyway.

On 3/16/04 at 5:33 PM -0500, Keith Moore wrote:

Offhand, it seems like just solving the configuration problem for 
mail submission is too much work for too little gain.

It seems to me if (e.g.) Hotmail (or even a large corporate network) 
could deploy an SRV for their submission servers (round-robin'ed or 
weighted appropriately) and clients supported the SRV, that would be a
lot of bang for the buck in simplifying the most straightforward user

That's what this is for.

What you'd really like to do is solve the entire MUA configuration

SRV might be part of the picture, but trying to do all of this with 
SRV seems like a tall order.

The problem scope is variant. None of the technologies address every
problem of every installation. The SRV approach is intended to solve the
common problems that 90% of the market faces.

I'm happy to help work on similar solutions that use other technologies,
as parallel development efforts.

Eric A. Hall                              
Internet Core Protocols