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Virtual last call on "bounce"

2005-09-11 00:27:20


The wind seems to be blowing in the direction of removing the
term "bounce" from 2821bis.  Different people have different
reasons, but I don't think I've detected anyone who has claimed
that there is value in leaving it in.

If I don't hear a coherent argument for retaining it within the
next few days, it will be removed from 2821bis-01.

For planning purposes, I'm incorporating changes in the working
copy of -01 as agreement seems to be reached on them.  I'll
actually post -01 when

        * enough substantive changes have been made that it
        feels worthwhile (with editorial changes not counting
        unless there are very many of them) or
        * I start seeing "deadline approaching" notes from the
        Secretariat or
        * Pete or one of the ADs asks me to.

"Enough", in that first option is extremely subjective and will
be determined exclusively by me, although I'm open to persuasion
and/or bribery.  I am somewhat disinclined to get 2821bis-02, or
even 2821bis-01, posted before 2822bis-00 appears, so people who
would like to see faster turnover on 2821bis drafts should be
pinging Pete.


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