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2822bis (was: Virtual last call on "bounce")

2005-09-11 02:50:09

John C Klensin wrote in <>:

I am somewhat disinclined to get 2821bis-02, or even 
2821bis-01, posted before 2822bis-00 appears, so people who
would like to see faster turnover on 2821bis drafts should
be pinging Pete.

Starting 2822bis before the core USEFOR document is ready (or
the USEFOR WG terminated) would be an _excessively_ bad idea.

If the author feels otherwise he's invited to the Message-ID
threads in USEFOR, that would be literally hundreds of articles
from Bruce, Charles, me, and others.  NO-WS-CTL and some other

AFAIK Bruce intends to integrate 2047 (2231) encoded words into
2822bis, even deciding if that's a good or bad idea could be a
major effort.

Last but not least there's this Resent-* problem that made it
into one of two senderid appeals some days ago.  2822bis is
hot stuff, and that really cries for a WG... in 2006, not now.

OTOH working on 2821bis is so far not very controversional, and
to my surprise even hardcore SPF and CSV friends have similar
visions not limited to HELO and EHLO.  I don't see why you
should wait for a 2822bis -00.  But there are serious reasons
why a 2822bis -00 should wait for usefor-06 (somewhere between
almost ready or finally give up).
                                  Bye, Frank

P.S.:  also posted to USEFOR for info

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