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Re: rfc2821bis-01 Issue 17: all contination lines must use same code

2007-04-10 11:08:43

Hector Santos wrote:

    Under most scenarios, servers SHOULD use the same reply
    code for each multiline response line when it is going to
    be displayed at the same time. However there are  scenarios
    (Keep Alive Client Timeout issues) where servers MAY use
    "150-" as an alternative reply code in a continuation line
    when the server needs to issue a heartbeat to keep the client
    alive during unsual delayed backend processing:

I don't like that.  There's no reason to assume that parts of a multiline
response will have any effect on the client timeout.  It might not reset
its timer just because it gets part of a reply back.  Maybe many current
implementations do, but that's just good luck.

I believe that a proper negotiated ESMTP extension for "keepalive"
intermediate replies should be developed.  We shouldn't try to hack
something in.



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