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Re: RFC 5321 4.4 Trace info

2008-11-06 07:41:27

--On Thursday, 06 November, 2008 13:18 +0200 Ivar Lumi
<ivar(_at_)lumisoft(_dot_)ee> wrote:


RFC 5321 4.4. Trace Information When an SMTP server receives a
message for delivery or further processing,
it MUST insert trace ("time stamp" or "Received") information
at the beginning of the message content,
as discussed in Section

What is meant by "Received" ???
When looking time-stamp syntax, isn't it same thing(a bit
confusing) ?

Any comments would be welcome .

The sentence in 5321 says exactly what it was intended to.  The
formal term for that information in RFC 5321 is "trace".  It has
been called "time stamp" data and a "Received field", the latter
named after the header itself.  If you find that confusing, how
would you suggest rewording it?