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Re: RFC 5321 4.4 Trace info

2008-11-08 13:53:31

SM wrote:

Hi Hector,
At 06:22 07-11-2008, Hector Santos wrote:
In my view, the term "time stamp" should be removed. The implication is that a "time stamp" header exist and it is an alternative header to the Received. I'm not aware of a "time stamp" header. If so, what is its field name?

In Section of RFC 5321, there is:

  "When the SMTP server accepts a message either for relaying or for
   final delivery, it inserts a trace record (also referred to
   interchangeably as a "time stamp line" or "Received" line) at the top
   of the mail data."

The "time stamp" header is not an alternative header to the Received. What the above means is that we might say "time stamp line" and we might say "Received" line but we are referring to the same thing.
> The Received line provides us with the date and time the message was
> received.  What we are doing is to "time stamp" the message each
> time it goes through a relay.

Phew (wiping sweat off head). I'm so glad that is cleared up. Thanks for the clarification because I always wondered if I can add a "Date" (a Time Stamp line).

Note: If it wasn't obvious, the above is a poor attempt at sarcasm. :-)


Hector Santos, CTO

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