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RE: New Version Notification for draft-macdonald-antispam-registry-00

2010-03-25 16:14:48

I said this to Jeff in person at IETF but here it is for the list:

It's my understanding that this was based on a collection of various SMTP text 
replies being returned by various ISPs when objectionable content is presented 
for delivery.  Some similarities were noted, and then some consolidation was 
attempted and aligned using the proposed x.8.y codes.  There is to date no 
actual implementation of this, and no information about how agents that observe 
these codes during SMTP transactions (i.e. senders) would respond to them.  
That is to say: There's no implementation at either end yet.

I think that's fine for Informational or Experimental, but this draft is 
seeking Proposed Standard status.  I'd like to see the results of some 
implementation experiments at least.