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Re: Mail Data termination

2011-08-16 19:43:07

   Be 100% liberal in what you receive, and don't worry about being
   very conservative in what you send.

what are you smoking?

Marlboro Lights. :)

I'm only saying that all we can do is document how things should work. If we've done that, and done it clearly, adding more documentation probably won't help.

Or perhaps may. In the highly complex world of proper mail integration, I can see a little note saying the following being useful to someone:

    In your QP algorithm, take into account any truncation at an ending
period does not result in sending a SMTP an non-escaped ".<cr></lf>" line.

That might enough to be an "oh, ok" insight and design reminder to add an extra if condition or whatever. After all, look at what happen - an real bug occurred which could only have occurred because someone lacked the insight or foresee it via


Hector Santos

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