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Re: Mail Data termination

2011-08-16 17:35:14

At 2:25 PM -0700 8/16/11, Ned Freed wrote:

 This is something that is so broken I think the best course is to
 reject it.  Hopefully the sender will notice and fix their bug.

 Not sure rejecting is such a great idea...

Right -- I didn't actually mean "reject" but rather "not try and correct for". There will be a valid (partial) message and a slew of invalid commands.

Another way to handle this on the receiving end is not to peek but to do a hard
 disconnect after some small number of bad commands are seen.

This seems like a reasonable approach.

 The result will be a series of duplicate partial
messages for the receiver and a series of transmission failures for the sender.
 The duplicates will no doubt be annoying, but this has the advantage that it
 doesn't cause damage when this particular set of symptoms are the result of a
 different underlying problem.

And, hopefully, someone will notice the repeated failures and/or the repeated partial messages and fix the bug.

Meh. I think this may be one where trying to compensate for this on the server end is a poor substitute for tracking down whoever is doing this,
 contacting them and urging them to fix the problem.


Randall Gellens
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