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Re: Mail Data termination

2011-08-16 17:59:43

Keith Moore wrote:

The problem is that a 250 was already issued once the <CRLF>.<CRLF> is detected so the only current possible SMTP "allowed" action is to not deliver (complete the transaction) due to a NO QUIT command cancellation which is what happened in our server setup. I never saw these IETF messages.

no QUIT is a lousy reason to not deliver a message.

I agree with both sides of this argument for and against. I don't wish to spend too much time justifying the pros and cons, but the fact is, it is a SMTP requirement and for good reasons too, yet, there are reasons when its less optimal.

Our smtp server, originally never supported it for multi-threaded and RPC related design reasons. Onnce threaded receiver issued a 250 message acceptance response, it immediately signaled the router threads to deal with it. No waiting for a QUIT or a new transaction command (MAIL FROM).

But in the name of conforming with RFC2821, back in early 2000, we added a bunch a stuff related to RFC2821 compliant including the NO QUIT SMTP requirement as a default behavior knowing full well there could be new surprises here.

For one thing, it slowed down the instant signaling and delivery by holding it longer, not something that tickled me. But its in the specs, an as long a fall back was available for customers affected by it, I was fine with it.

Today, I think it has helped reduce problems and I rarely hear of any reported problems and if when it did, simple switch flipping resolves it.


Hector Santos

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