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Re: Received header field for special processing, such as "held for moderation".

2011-10-25 05:26:37

Hi Dave,
At 23:58 24-10-2011, Dave CROCKER wrote:
Currently, nothing in the message (or smtp responses, of course) signals this reason for delay. (For those who haven't seen the thread, the person initiating the the thread thought the delay was due to DKIM processing...

A message was sent to a mailing list. Most of the mailing lists hosted by that organization send a message to the sender to notify the person that the message is being held for moderation. The mailing list doesn't do that. There was an attempt to debug trace headers generally internally on the receiver's side to determine the problem.

It would be quite simple to add a Received header field, when a message is placed into a moderation queue, noting that fact.

That would help people debug trace headers generated internally. That works if you have an idea of how the infrastructure is set up. The mailing list software used does not inject a Received line. If it did, it could have added a comment about the message being "held". BTW, that does not really help the sender as the person still has to wait for the message to get through to the list to know that the ended up in the moderation queue.