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Re: I-D SMTP Extension for Greylisting

2011-10-25 05:50:07

On 24 October 2011 16:36, Hector wrote:

  seconds     = 2DIGIT   ; 00-59
  totalsecs   = 1*(%d48-57) ; total seconds to delay

If this suggestion for a 2nd syntax format is
acceptable, is the ABNF correct?

Ignoring the premise, you can use 1*DIGIT instead of
those decimal constructs ;-)  If you want to specify
<totalsecs> details you could suppress leading zeros
and add an upper limit -- the very odd 99-23:59:59
maximum yields 1*7DIGIT if I got this right, please
check it if you want to use it.

And trim this to 1*6DIGIT if they let you, IMO 9 days
is already far outside of anything remotely related
to SMTP.